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Carla Gate

If you hate bookkeeping, then it just means that you are NORMAL.  It is people such as myself who are compelled to organize, sort, match, investigate, question, triple check and search for nitty gritty details, that are the peculiar ones.  Rest assured that shoeboxes of receipts and rooms of ‘important paper piles’ do not scare me; however, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane scares me (so instead, I donate to the fundraising efforts of those who do)!


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My Clientele

Home Based Business

For home based businesses requiring 1-5 hours of service per month (usually deliver/courier documents each month for processing)

Small Business

Commercial location businesses requiring up to 5 hours of service per week (usually deliver/courier documents each month for processing)

On Site Larger Business

Commercial location businesses requiring up to 20 hours of service per week (usually attend client office to use client workstation so that data file and source documents remain onsite)

My Commitment

 Performance Bookkeeping recognizes that each business requires a unique administrative system in order to achieve optimum success.  Our knowledgeable team utilizes a broad perspective of experience in order to determine and implement the best solution for each unique client while also maintaining the flexibility to adapt and grow with the client’s needs.

What's the difference between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?

An accountant uses his extensive tax knowledge to achieve the most beneficial tax plan strategy.

A bookkeeper organizes and records the daily transactions that generate the final year end totals that the accountant requires for creating the tax plan.

Ideally, both an accountant and a bookkeeper are part of the business team, working in partnership to maintain compliance with regulatory agencies (such as Canada Revenue Agency).  The best value is obtained when they provide ongoing analysis of the company data in order to aid the owner in decision making.

What should I look for in a good bookkeeper?

Errors & Omission Insurance is a must.  This protects the client from potentially expensive penalties/fines for errors the bookkeeper might make.  Always request a ‘certificate of insurance’ from any potential bookkeeper to ensure your liability is minimized.

WCB Coverage is also a must.  Any contractor who operates on your property is your liability, whether it is your bookkeeper, a garage installer, someone shingling your roof.  Be sure to request your contractor’s WCB account # so that you can check the status of their account online.

Certification is not regulated for bookkeeping and therefore, anyone can call themselves a bookkeeper.  Request the bookkeeper’s credentials such as transcripts from any post-secondary institution, the Knowledge Bureau, the Canadian Payroll Association, the Canadian Bookkeepers Association just to name a few.

The most crucial non-negotiable trait to require of your bookkeeper is that he is bondable.  Always request a current criminal background check prior to handing over any sensitive information.  This is so important that it is recommended to be done annually along with the certificate of insurance.

Professional development is not mandatory but it is recommended.  Professionals in many different fields have the opportunity to continually advance their knowledge levels and provide even better service by remaining up to date.  Question potential bookkeepers for their perspective in this regard.

Tech support has become an integral aspect of bookkeeping and will serve an invaluable role in any business operation.  A good bookkeeper will request to be connected to the client’s existing tech support team and/or recommend alternate options.  Always consider the potential expense of lost time due to non-functional applications, hardware/software incompatibilities, or worse yet:  loss of data.  Managed IT services is insurance that should always be in place and regularly tested knowing with 100% certainty that it’s only a matter of time before a ‘claim’ occurs.

To sum things up, a bookkeeper should be a reliable, trustworthy member of your business team, a loyal and faithful confidante, a partner in the optimum health of your company.

What is your turn around time?

Varies considerably depending on factors such as current state of bookkeeping, accessibility to source documents and information, availability of owner/office administrator feedback, size of company/volume of transactions (to determine, take advantage of the complimentary assessment)