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Feeling Frazzled About Your Books?

No Need to Feel That Way.

You do your business.  I'll do your books.

Carla Gate – Your Numbers Girl

Carla Gate is not your typical bookkeeper.

Busy, brilliant wife, mother and enthusiastic, exacting entrepreneur, she brings to her business not just the benefits of savvy secrets gleaned from years of corporate accounting expertise, but, as well, the added bonus of a warm, witty personality, a quest for excellence, and a very approachable empathy for her clients’ predicament, the dreaded drudgery of the unavoidable small business balancing of the books.

Citing her own “UNnatural sense of satisfaction with accounting details” as having sparked her passion for helping the “reconciliationally challenged”, Carla has dedicated herself to battling the boredom of bookkeeping as “Carla Gate -Your Numbers Girl”, a caring, conscientious confidante, an expert clients can trust to ensure their records wellness and advance their business success.


Her enterprise, Performance Bookkeeping Solutions Inc., specializes in workshops and one on one coaching designed to empower small business owners in easy, effective techniques to independently manage their monthly accounting without angst.

Is it possible, paperwork without pain, without all the pressure and procrastination?


If anyone can inspire us to stop equating book balancing with colonoscopies, it would be Carla Gate, the not so boring bookkeeper.